Thanksgiving is over – What do your floors look like?

November 24th, 2016

Well, you’ve had the family and friends over for Thanksgiving. Everyone got stuffed with turkey and watched many football games. Now comes the time when you do the clean up and discover that your floors have been scratched.

This is a problem that many people are experiencing. What with coordinating who’s coming when, getting all the shopping done and food prep done, cleaning and decorating the house for Thanksgiving, who had time to think of floors? Or as in some cases, its when hubby got excited by a football play that he and his pals jumped up and you could hear furniture grinding across the floor. Not good.

Soon the Christmas parties will begin. Before they do, do your floors a favor and protect them now or next year not only will you get the holiday bills but also have to find money to get your floors redone. I’m sure you’d rather not have to get THAT done. Think of the cost but also all the trouble of emptying the rooms and the dust (you’ll find the dust for months after the floors are done).

So take a few minutes and look at the furniture in your home and accurately measure their legs and note if they’re round or square. Go to the Flexi-Felt web site and use their wizard. Answer a few questions and it’ll tell you what to order. Place your order and in no time you’ll have the floor protection you need before the Christmas parties begin.

Furniture Feet

November 23rd, 2016

I’m sure most of you have heard about Furniture Feet. You have probably seen the commercials on television or seen the product in some box stores. I’m sure that some of you have even bought and tried it so you know what I’m referring to. What most of you may not know is that it’s a knock-off of the Flexi-Felt floor protectors.

They changed what they call the boot to be curved rather than straight like the Flexi-Felt so that it looks a little different.

They claim in their video that it’s a wool felt but when you look on the box that the Furniture Feet comes in, it says 100% polyester. All of the others floor protectors in my area are also made of polyester. The Flexi-Felt floor protectors are the only ones that have a wool blend felt (and I have looked at a lot of different brands) . As you know wool is an expensive natural product that is very durable which is why it’s been used for hundreds of years and it’s why Flexi-Felt use it.

The Furniture Feet boot is not clear in appearance so you can see it quite easily when it’s installed on furniture legs. The boot is made of poly-vinyl which, yes it’s easy to slip on but it’s also easy to slip off. I’ve had people send me pictures of it half slipped off their furniture and wanting something that stays on. Some have also sent me a Furniture Feet and asked me to send them a Flexi-Felt in the same size because the one they sent me didn’t stay on.

There are Furniture Feet and many other similar products on the market but if you want the best, buy Flexi-Felt floor protectors.

Rented Seniors Center

November 22nd, 2016

I just got a call from a really nice man who helps at a seniors center. They’re renting a space where they hold activities for seniors but are responsible to make sure that the floor is maintained regularly and doesn’t get damaged or they’ll be responsible to repair the floors. Like most centers, money is an issue. It’s very costly to repair floors so they definitely don’t want to end up doing that. They’re looking for floor protection that is durable, not too expensive, that will last and protect the floors for a number of years.

The solution is from the commercial line of Flexi-Felt products. These products are guaranteed for five years so once they put them on the furniture they know that they won’t have that expense again for five years. The rubber sleeve is very durable and made to withstand furniture being moved back and forth. The wool blend felt not only protects floors but also ends up polishing them as they move over the floor. The other nice thing is that they reduce noise. Imagine how much noise 25 or more chairs can make when they all move at the same time. So if the rental space is above another rental space it will make the renters below very happy that the sound of chairs moving is greatly reduced. The felt pads also allow the chairs to move more easily across floors. Once this person knew of all of the advantages of these floor protectors he called a reseller to purchase them immediately.

Flexi-Felt In the UK?

November 21st, 2016

Has Flexi-Felt really crossed the pond to the UK? Yes it has!! The United States, Canada, Australia and Switzerland have been selling Flexi-Felt floor protectors for many years. Flexi-Felt is very please to be able to protect the floors in the UK. Upon thinking about it, it may mean that Flexi-Felt may end up protecting floors in English castles and can one hope that one day they will be used to protect floors in Buckingham Palace or one of the other royal castles. How exciting would that be? A floor protector created in someone’s basement that ends up protecting and preserving floors that are hundreds of years old and have had great people walk on them. Whether it’s a castle floor, a floor in a country home or in a London flat, the Flexi-Felt will protect all of these floors beautifully.

Now located in Manchester and able to ship anywhere in the UK, people all over the United Kingdom can finally protect their floors with the quality and wonderful Flexi-Felt floor protectors that we have been using for years. You can see their web page at .

Flexi-Felt on Designing Spaces

November 7th, 2016

Exciting news!! Flexi-Felt floor protectors will be appearing on Designing Spaces November 10 and 17 on Lifetime and TLC.

This home improvement show travels across the country to refresh spaces in need of new designs. Although each episode features a redesign of a particular room or building, the series aims to present decorating ideas, DIY projects and step-by-step guides that viewers can incorporate into their own home improvement projects.

On the November 10th and 17th episodes “Designing Spaces” shows how to protector your floors from high heel shoes that make marks in your floors and how to protect your floors from furniture that can scratch and damage your floors. It’s a fun and educational segment that is also practical and will save you money in the long run from not having to refinish or replace damaged floors. A must see not just for women but for anyone who wants to make sure their floors stay nice for years to come.

Thanksgiving & Christmas Decorations

October 21st, 2016

We all love to decorate for the holidays. Whether its a metal turkey or candle holder, wooden box of pinecones, plastic tree stand, poly resin Santa Claus or homemade decoration that your youngest child made at school or that Great Aunt Polly made years ago – they all have the potential to scratch your floors or furniture.

A simple and easy way to protect your floors and furniture from scratches is to simply take pieces of Flexi-Felt adhesive felt pads (they come in various sizes and shapes to fit many needs), remove the paper backing and stick them to the bottom of the decorations. If you want to be sure that the pads will hold on for a long time just wipe the surface that you’ll be sticking the pads to, with rubbing alcohol then apply the pads. A simple trick to make the holidays less stressful.

Hard nylon caster wheels wrecking your floors?

October 21st, 2016

It started with the boss’s chair that has caster wheels. Just a lighter circle on the laminate floor where he sits at his desk and rolls to his printer. Then it was Jenny in payroll and Bradley in purchasing. The floors are getting damaged by caster wheels. The real problem here is that it’s a rented office space and if this keeps up, the floors will have to replaced when we move out. So solutions were looked at to protect the floors from further damage. You can always replace the caster wheels with new rubber ones. They are really nice…. and expensive. Also, they’re not always the easiest things to install. Ever try to remove the ones that are on chairs? It ‘s not easy. Those things were ment to stay on a long time so aren’t really ment to be removed. Thought of putting on some sort of felt or other soft product but they don’t hold very well and there isn’t must space between most caster wheels and the little protective cover. When you put them on (if they actually fit in the space between the wheel and the cover) the wheels end up not turning. They just slide along the floor which causes the stuff you put on to slip off.

The solution is the Caster Cover. It’s made by the same people who created the Flexi-Felt. You slide on these clear rings, making sure to center them on the wheels. Heat shrink them like you would the stuff that goes on windows. Let them completely cool down, then they’re ready to go. Floors protected from further damage. Simple, easy and not expensive to do.

My daughter was late for class again

October 20th, 2016

My daughter came home with a note informing me that she is arriving late to many of her classes. Of course, I wanted to yell at her right away but I calmed down and remembered that she is usually not late unless something is wrong. After supper I asked her why she’s been getting to her classes late. I was surprised but relieved when she said it was because she can’t find stuff in her locker (I was imaging many other things but not that). It turns out that at this school there is only one shelf at the top of the locker so all of her books, binders, papers, shoes and who knows what else, ends up at the bottom of her locker and she has to take a lot of stuff out of the locker to find the right books etc. for each class. From the way she explained it, the more often she does this the worse the mess gets. What she needs is a locker organizer. Some of her friends parents bought some but she told me that they break fairly easily or only have one shelf. Hanging pockets can hold only a limited amount of stuff and my daughter has way more than it can handle.

I found the Ecoshelf locker organizer. It comes in various sizes and two heights with either 2 or 3 shelves. I got my daughter the 3 shelf unit. She even installed it by herself (no tools needed). She’s able to put her shoes under the bottom shelf and place all of her books, binders, papers etc. vertically so all she has to do is just slid out whatever she needs and slid back on the shelves whatever she no longer needs. No more being late for class and it is teaching her how to keep her things better organized than before.

Uncle Fred + Thanksgiving = Scratched floors

October 20th, 2016

We all love when family come to visit for Thanksgiving and we really do give thanks for all that we have. I’m sure you all have an Uncle similar to Uncle Fred. He’s a boisterous, loving, funny guy that you could easily have dress up as Santa Clause at Christmas. However when Uncle Fred visits, it’s a bit trying. I really do try not to ground my teeth when he heavily pushes back his chair while accidently spilling whatever beverage he’s holding. At the end of the evening there are scratches all over the floor where he was sitting. On top of that, the floor and scratches are sticky. This season lets all protect our floors from our Uncle Fred’s by installing Flexi-Felt Clear sleeves. The advantage that these clear sleeves have over regular adhesive felt pads is that you can take them off, wash them under the tap, let them dry, put them back on the chair and they are good to go. So even if Uncle Fred spills something on the floor and the chair gets pushed through it, the Flexi-Felt Clear sleeve floor protector can be washed, reinstalled and continue to protect your floors for future family gatherings.

Moving Season

May 9th, 2016

Moving season is upon us and we are busy packing, sorting, discarding and figuring out how we are going to move all of our household but we aren’t thinking of the issues at the new location. The first concern should be protecting the floors in the new location. Put floor protectors on all of your furniture before it even touches the floors. Then once everything is placed in the new location you won’t be seeing horrible scratches from furniture being moved because someone couldn’t make up their mind on how they wanted things placed. Flexi-Felt has come up with a Moving Kit which has various sizes of adhesive felt pads. There are a lot of the almost 1″ square pads so that they can cover 1″ square, 1″ x 2″, 2 x 2″, 2 x 4″ or any other combination. Just remember to properly clean the bottom of the furniture legs and do a final wipe with rubbing alcohol to make sure the adhesive has a clean surface to adhere to.