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Thanksgiving & Christmas Decorations

We all love to decorate for the holidays. Whether its a metal turkey or candle holder, wooden box of pinecones, plastic tree stand, poly resin Santa Claus or homemade decoration that your youngest child made at school or that Great Aunt Polly made years ago – they all have the potential to scratch your floors or furniture.

A simple and easy way to protect your floors and furniture from scratches is to simply take pieces of Flexi-Felt adhesive felt pads (they come in various sizes and shapes to fit many needs), remove the paper backing and stick them to the bottom of the decorations. If you want to be sure that the pads will hold on for a long time just wipe the surface that you’ll be sticking the pads to, with rubbing alcohol then apply the pads. A simple trick to make the holidays less stressful.

Uncle Fred + Thanksgiving = Scratched floors

We all love when family come to visit for Thanksgiving and we really do give thanks for all that we have. I’m sure you all have an Uncle similar to Uncle Fred. He’s a boisterous, loving, funny guy that you could easily have dress up as Santa Clause at Christmas. However when Uncle Fred visits, it’s a bit trying. I really do try not to ground my teeth when he heavily pushes back his chair while accidently spilling whatever beverage he’s holding. At the end of the evening there are scratches all over the floor where he was sitting. On top of that, the floor and scratches are sticky. This season lets all protect our floors from our Uncle Fred’s by installing Flexi-Felt Clear sleeves. The advantage that these clear sleeves have over regular adhesive felt pads is that you can take them off, wash them under the tap, let them dry, put them back on the chair and they are good to go. So even if Uncle Fred spills something on the floor and the chair gets pushed through it, the Flexi-Felt Clear sleeve floor protector can be washed, reinstalled and continue to protect your floors for future family gatherings.

Moving Season

Moving season is upon us and we are busy packing, sorting, discarding and figuring out how we are going to move all of our household but we aren’t thinking of the issues at the new location. The first concern should be protecting the floors in the new location. Put floor protectors on all of your furniture before it even touches the floors. Then once everything is placed in the new location you won’t be seeing horrible scratches from furniture being moved because someone couldn’t make up their mind on how they wanted things placed. Flexi-Felt has come up with a Moving Kit which has various sizes of adhesive felt pads. There are a lot of the almost 1″ square pads so that they can cover 1″ square, 1″ x 2″, 2 x 2″, 2 x 4″ or any other combination. Just remember to properly clean the bottom of the furniture legs and do a final wipe with rubbing alcohol to make sure the adhesive has a clean surface to adhere to.

Outdoor Living Areas

More and more people are moving outdoors and building fabulous outdoor living areas. The flooring under this furniture also needs to be protected. Whether its wood, slate, marble, the new composite decking or any other material you want to protect your investment and the appearance of this living area. Flexi-Felt floor protectors can help in many of these locations. If you live in an area where there is not too much rain or the living area is protected from the elements then you can use Flexi-Felt floor protectors. Since Flexi-Felt floor protectors are made of wool they will absorb water which means they will not slide well across floors when they are wet. If they do get wet, just let them get dry and once dry they are good to go again.

Have Suggestions

I went to a new restaurant the other day that had only been open for 3 weeks. There were a few things that we wanted to mention to the owner who happened to be there. One was that we could not find their restaurant on the internet, the second was that they should have added another choice on the menu but we also mentioned how we loved certain items that we had tried. The owner was very pleased with the comments and stated that he had received some similar comments and was going to take action on some in the very near future (the internet was one and adding to the menu was another).

People often think to criticize about their food or poor service but did you know that companies really like to hear from you on how they can improve a product or service. Tell them if they are doing something right or if something needs a bit of tweeking to be better. Maybe you have a problem and can’t find a solution. Contact the appropriate company and they will certainly listen to your suggestion and if possible, will create or fabricate a solution.

Flexi-Felt In Leons Stores In Ottawa Canada

Leon’s has come together with Flexi-Felt to provide their clients with great floor protection solutions. More and more furniture designers are coming up with innovative designs in furniture but those design are not always kind to floors. The result is people buy great furniture but it doesn’t take long for that furniture to damage floors. Leon’s wants their customers to be happy with their purchases. With Flexi-Felt floor protectors available in store, people can purchase their floor protection at the same time as they purchase that great dining room set or that unique couch. The furniture will be equipped with the right protection so that it won’t have a chance to damage floors. Result: Happy customers with great looking furniture and no damage to floors. A Win-Win solution.

Flexi-Felt More Expensive BUT You Save A Lot of $$$$$

No I’m not crazy. It really is true. Time and time again people wonder why they should pay more for the Flexi-Felt floor protectors. Just add up how much money you have spent to date on the cheap floor protectors. It is way more then the price of one purchase of Flexi-Felt floors protectors. You can keep buying and replacing those cheap ones or buy the Flexi-Felts and forget about it.

Need Extra Silver Mop Pro Pads

Are you finding like me that two soft and one rough mop pad are just not enough? I’ve been using mine recently to wash my boat and of course my better half wanted me to wash the windows using them. I just didn’t have enough pads to do these jobs in a short time. The ones for the boat got really dirty and had to be washed in the washing machine but I wanted to do the windows while everything was out. Now I’ve ordered two extra packs of 3 mop pads so that we both have plenty for all of the things we use them for. I was on a cleaning bing so I washed the SUV too (outside with the rough because it was really dirty and inside with the soft). The boat and the SUV look great. The windows – well that will be on another week-end.

When should you pay more for a product?

When two products perform the same and last about the same amount of time then it is not always the best idea to buy the most expensive one. In that case the more expensive product does not justify buying it. I have found a big difference when buy the cheapest or mid priced products in soaps, shampoos, cookies and other baked goods, towels etc. When I buy the cheap soap it just doesn’t wash very well so the mid-priced product is better. Cheap baked goods are not very good. Extended warranties are also not a good investment because if they are offered it means that the manufacturer expects the product to last for the extra year or two which is the length of the extended warranty. So when should you pay more for a product?
Someone recently asked me to justify spending more money for Flexi-Felt Floor protectors then other products on the market. In this case it was easy to justify. Who has or wants to spend their time constantly replacing cheap felts? I know I would rather spend a bit more, put them on and take that worry off of my list of things to think about replacing. I don’t have the time to constantly run out to the store to buy them. I would keep wasting gas to go to the store and come back and never mind the cost of constantly buying product that lasts maybe a month.
I was told years ago to look at the payback time (maybe not the correct term here but once you read it you’ll know what I mean). Yes , again a bit of math. Say you pay something $100. And it lasts 2 years. You buy something cheaper that costs you $10 but only lasts 1 month. In 10 months the more expensive item is paid off because you don’t have to constantly replace it and you actually end up ahead money wise. Over 24 months (2 years) x $10/month the cheap one costs $240 but the more expensive one was $100 so you end up saving $140. You can do the math on a lot of things and see what is worth spending more money on and what is not. Look at how long it will last and what it cost – then do the math.