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Reception Hall Floors

Are the reception hall floors in your church, activity center, senior center, yacht club etc. getting damaged by the chairs? There is a simple solution – Flexi-Felt Floor Protectors. A number of people have contacted me about these types of floors. In many cases wooden chairs are being used and they want a product that can stand up to many years of usage by a large number of people. I recommend the model 6431 which is a small plastic piece that gets screwed into the bottom of the chair leg. Then the model 6325 is slide over the plastic piece especially created for it and you are done.

Chairs With Swivel Feet

More and more chairs are being sold for the home that have swivel feet. School chairs have had swivel feet for a number of years and Flexi-Felt has some great products for both elementary and high school chairs (but they are not pretty for the home). They also created the 6328 which is the Ultimate Heat Shrink model. This model heat shrinks around a swivel foot so that it is almost invisible when installed. More and more home owners are trying them for their chairs with swivel feet. They find the 6328 is a really good solution, especially for bar or counter stools. Bar or counter stools are often heavy and used a lot. The 6328 can handle all of the stress and usage of bar stools (it handles the stress that kids put it through on a daily basis in schools). The 6328 can also shrink around a number of different sizes of swivel feet so basically it is “one size fits all”. If you have chairs with swivel feet that are damaging your floors ask Flexi-Felt about the 6328. Note: You won’t see it for sale on their web site because it is from their commercial line but call customer service and they will help you to purchase them.

If you are still wondering how good it is you have to see this video.

Flexi-Felt 6328 floor protcector install
6328 3 step install


Designed to Last

Flexi-Felt floor protectors are designed to last. These are one of the rare floor protectors that do last. I get so many calls from people who complain that the floor protectors come off or scratch the floors within a few days or weeks. When I was doing my engineering course one of the first things we were taught was to design products not to last. To me this was a horrible lesson but for manufacturers it means that every time a product breaks or fails, the consumer has to go back out and buy another one. From the manufacturer to the distributor to the retailer, every time something breaks or fails it is more money in their pocket. Here at Flexi-Felt it is important to make a quality product that lasts. Constantly replacing poor quality products is extremely bad for the carbon footprint and the world’s landfills. More manufacturer’s have to take responsibility for our deteriorating environment and design products that are longer lasting. I don’t mind paying a bit more for something that I won’t have to constantly have to replace. I don’t have the time to do it, don’t want the frustrations associated with doing it (I’ve had people tell me they lost sleep because of the problems with their floors being scratched). Who can afford that? We have enough other things to deal with that if we can solve one problem long term – do it. Buy the Flexi-Felt floor protectors and then stop worrying about your floors being damaged by your furniture. I just hope with time that other manufacturer’s will wake up and take responsibility for our environment like Flexi-Felt has done.

Flexi-Felt Adhesive Felt Pads For Cars

Yes, you read correctly “For Cars”. I had one person tell me he used a long strip of it on the hood of an old restored pick-up to protect the paint. I also had someone else tell me that he restores cars and uses adhesive felt strips for protecting hard mount surfaces that come together and for interior refurbishing as protective padding. If you have any other great uses for Flexi-Felt adhesive felt pads please let us know. We LOVE to hear from you and pass on the tips to other people.

Chair Casters That Wreck Floors

Do you have a home office, library, kitchen or other area where chairs with casters are used and the floor has a nice round pattern in it?

Floor damage by office chair casters
Floor damaged by office chair casters

No matter what you do or how you try to clean it or refinish it, the pattern is there or keeps coming back. What to do? Those floor protection mats are expensive. If you buy the small model you keep rolling off and its always a battle to get the chair back on it. It can be really hard to clean under it because it is heavy and sometimes furniture has moved onto it so you have to remove all of the furniture and drag it out of the way to clean under it. Then you have to drag it back into place and put whatever furniture was on it back on it. It’s a tough job. If there are grooves in the mat, you also have to be careful to make sure you clean those really well or else the mat looks grubby. Next option – replace the chair casters. There are so many models that it’s really hard to find the right one. The pins and hole sizes are all different and I have seen myself go to a store 3 or 4 times to exchange casters because it was the wrong model or size. Also try taking off the old casters. unless you know the trick to taking them off you will end up swearing and probably breaking it to get it off. The cost of new casters can also be almost half the cost of a new chair. You don’t want to throw out the chair because it’s expensive and not good for the environment (don’t want those in land fills and who wants a chair who’s casters mark the floor). I know I’m getting long winded on this subject but its annoyed me for as long as I’ve worked in an office. Flexi-Felt has come out with an inexpensive, environmentally friendly solution. Sounds impossible but they have. It’s called the Caster Cover┬«.

Wheel with Caster-cover installed
Caster-Cover picture

Its a clear heat shrink sleeve that is put on the casters so they behave like new casters. No more circles on the floor. Because there are no adhesives, they are very easy to replace, you just cut the sleeve off and put a new one on. Very little garbage at a much cheaper cost then mats or new casters. I can finally love my chair casters again.

The International Surface Event in Las Vegas

I’m at the Surfaces show introducing our new Caster Covers that work great on all furniture with casters to protect floors from the horrible rings that they create. I’m also introducing the Silver Mop Pro Combo kit to help clean floors easily. There’s a great crowd here and people are getting a good laugh out of our deluxe kits that look like giant flowers. They are very unique yet everything in them is usable. They contain the mop, pads, cleaner, chamois, floor protectors and plate stackers. If you’re at the show drop by and see them and our other great floor protection products.

Are All Felts Created Equal?

The answer is NO!. Each manufacturer makes different grades of felt. Some felts look great but after a week of use, they are flat as a sheet of paper. Other slowly crumble or break apart. The worse are the one that come off the glue and you end up with a mess on your floors. Flexi-Felt felts are weaved tightly so that they do not flatten down, even with a lot of weight on them (they were put through various tests). The special manufacturing process ensures that the felt will not separate from the glue so you won’t end up with bits of felt with glue all over your floors. Next time you’re in a store and looking at felts, take the time to notice that they really are not the same and if you can touch them you will find it even more noticeable. Don’t have the time, then be sure and buy Flexi-Felt products.

Easier Floor Cleaning

As you know I was telling you how easy it is to clean your floors with the Silver Mop Pro. Well now they combined it with the Clear Clean Pro. You just spray a six foot by six foot section, mop it in one direction and move on to the next section. How quick and easy is that. After the party, when all of the guests are gone, and more will be coming the next day, what is more easy then a quick spray and mop to clean and refresh your floors. Your next guests will never know you had company the day before. No harsh fumes, no products in the garbage and the mop pads get washed the next time a load of laundry is done. Quick, inexpensive and good for the environment. By the way, it’s a really good idea to get extra pads so you don’t run short.

Housewarming, Christmas…..Gift

Are you stuck with wanting to buy a gift for the person who has everything? I’ve often had that problem, especially a house warming gift or if I’m invited to dinner somewhere. Some people don’t like plants as gifts. Others don’t drink wine or are very fussy about the type of wine they drink. Don’t bring food because they think that you think that they can’t cook. Or it doesn’t go with what they are serving. Or they don’t like your cooking. Scented candles (I have allergies) so I don’t like them. A decoration for the house (someone actually told me “another dust collector” when I gave them one) so I no longer give that. Again Flexi-Felt staff have put their heads together and come up with a very unusual gift. It is the Silver Mop Pro combo but they have included a chamois cloth and some plate stackers. You are thinking Ho Hum! Wrong. They set them up so that it looks like a bouquet of flowers but everything in it is usable. It can be used in the house, garage, workshop, RV, boat, dorm, apartment and any other place where people have stuff to clean. It’s a unique gift that you won’t find anywhere else. That’s very hard to find nowadays.

Silver Mop Pro & Clear Clean Pro Combo

Boy the guys working on this line of products have been busy. Now they created a box combo of the Silver Mop Pro with it’s own cleaner called the Clear Clean Pro. I checked this out and it was easy to use. You just sweep or in my case I dusted the floor with the rabbit pad (see my previous blog on the Silver Mop Pro). I then sprayed the Clear Clean Pro and pushed the mop in same direction for all of the cleaning. In no time the floor was done. I didn’t rinse it and found that it looked good. They say you can rinse it if you want to but that you don’t have to. I didn’t feel the need to rinse. There were no harsh fumes. After I was done I put the pad in the washing machine. I noticed that they had also included the Flexi-Felt adhesive pads. Good idea to protect your floors from scratches after you just cleaned it. Another thumbs up for this combo.