Plastic, Metal, Rubber or Felt Floor protectors, when to use which?

I wanted to officially start off my by sharing some information that I’ve learned regarding floor protectors. There are 4 categories of floor protectors: plastic, metal, rubber and felt. They are all great when used in the right environment. The problem is most people use the wrong protectors for the wrong flooring.

Each category or material has distinct features. I will provide a more comprehensive description of each throughout the next few weeks and today, I will talk about the plastic floor protectors. The plastic protectors are typically used to help furniture glide better on carpeting. You should avoid using plastic protectors on wood floors for furniture that is heavy or frequently moving as the plastic protectors are very hard and will damage your flooring. Although they won’t scratch ceramic tiles they will leave a plastic mark or streak if the furniture you are moving is heavy.

Going back to carpeting, you have to keep in mind that the heavier the furniture and the thicker the carpet the wider should be your glide. The wider glide will distribute the weight of the furniture more evenly. If the glide is too small it will simply dig into your carpet and be pretty useless. Using a proper sized glide will make your furniture much easier to move and also prevent your carpeting from being permanently padded down where your furniture footing is.

If you intend on moving your furniture frequently you might want to look into getting Teflon glides as they offer less friction on carpet. Although they are typically blue in color make sure to look for Teflon on the package as there are cheap knock offs that are blue without Teflon. If you are unsure remember that you get what you pay for, if the price is too good to be true it probably is.

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