Why Adhesive Felt Pads Keep Coming Off

People call and write to me in desperation because their felt pads keep coming off and they end up with glue on the floor that they keep having to clean up and or they end up with scratched floors. In most cases it is because the pads have double sided tape which just doesn’t hold and they end up with scratched floors or they have the cheap pads that have a glue that provides a very weak bond and the result is that the felt slides off of the bottom of the chair leg. Flexi-Felt adhesive felt pads have a really great glue that is specially adhered to the felt so that once it is on a chair leg, the only way to get it off is by cutting it off. Then why are these felts also slipping off of chair legs? We state that the bottom of the chair legs must be properly cleaned which means removing all of the old glue, dirt and since the products to remove glue contain oil and oil prevents the proper bonding of the new glue to the bottom of the chair leg it is recommended to do a final wipe with rubbing alcohol. If you do this, then the adhesive of the Flexi-Felt adhesive pad has a great surface to adhere to.

Believe it or not people tell me that they did all of that including sanding the bottom of the wooden chair leg to ensure it would really work yet the pads came off. This really bothered me because I KNOW the FLEXI-FELT adhesive pads have a great glue and they are always trying to improve it as glues get better. One person in particular claimed they (I don’t want to reveal if it is a man or woman which is why I am using “they”) did that exactly and was quite mad that the pads came off, glued to the floor and even glued together. I asked that they send me samples of those pads. I got them and low and behold I now know why the Flexi-Felt adhesive pads didn’t hold. There was a lot and I mean a lot of dirt in the glue which means they did NOT clean the bottom of the chair legs. The glue was so good that it even picked up bits of sparkles, bits of wood and feathers (no, I will not tell you where these chairs were being used).

Glue full of dirt and other materials cannot hold properly to bottoms of chair legs. If you stick them onto dirty chair legs, you are just wasting your time and energy. And don’t say you cleaned them properly when you didn’t. Companies take to heart problems reported with their products. So next time a company states that you should do certain things before using the product, do it, or you just waste time and money and perhaps end up with feathers where they don’t belong.

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  1. Will Flexi-Felt pads stick to the the plastic swivel feet on Ikea chairs? I am wondering if the surface is too smooth, and whether sanding the foot first would help with adhesion. Thanks!

  2. Barstools have a hard rubber or plastic food built in ,so how to clean and prepare, have had the same problem with pads falling off even tried super glue,. Help appreciated.

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