All You Need to Know about Felt Based Floor Protectors

Finally time to discuss the felt based floor protectors. There are 2 major types of felt floor protectors, actually there are a lot more than that, but for the purpose of this categorisation, we will agree that are two main categories of felt floor protectors and I will further break these categories into sub categories.

The first category is the adhesive type felt protectors (the classic sticky felt that everyone knows) and the non-adhesive type. In the non-adhesive type we have 2 sub categories, the ones which are installed using hardware and the one that do not.

Which is better and what should you use for which application. As you already know I invented a new felt floor protector product line called Flexi-Felt and Flexi-Felt Clear. Now that is not to say that everything else out there is no good. There are a lot of really disappointing products out there, but some are pretty good. As I said before you just need to know what to buy for which type of furniture and flooring you have. I will navigate through the pros and cons of each type of felt floor protector. I will also walk you through the though process that got me to invent the Flexi-Felt, as you will see there is nothing else like it in its category.

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