Reading a Measuring Tape

Some of you may ask as to why I’m bringing this up but I received two phone calls in two days from people trying to measure their chair legs and having trouble reading the size off the measuring tape. Construction workers may be scratching their heads thinking what the???? but for the average person who rarely needs to use a measuring tape, it can be difficult. I found that the web site has easy to understand instructions with pictures.

There are also a number of helpful apps but if you’re using one with your phone camera or the ruler on your phone, make sure to be directly over the chair leg and as close as possible to get as accurate a measurement as possible.

The other option is to take a close up picture of the chair leg with a ruler or measuring tape right beside it and email it to The customer service people there will recommend models appropriate for the size and type of chair leg in the picture.

Hope this helps you next time you need to measure something.

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