Las Vegas Furniture Market Jan. 22 – 25 Booth P1-4716

I just looked up the Furniture Market in Las Vegas. You tend to think of a market as a smallish place where you can view the new furniture trends. I had seen a Furniture Show in Montreal, Canada years ago at Place Bonaventure. But here we’re talking about Vegas, major big and not just furniture. The Las Vegas Furniture Market is being held on the World Market Center Campus in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. It’s comprised of 40 floors of furniture, bedding/mattress, lighting, casual/outdoor, decorative accessories, wall art, floor coverings, housewares, home textiles, tabletop, lifestyle products, general gift, housewares/gourmet and more – delivering the most complete, cross-category wholesale tradeshow for the furniture, home décor and gift industries in the United States. Wow. If you’re attending, wear great walking shoes and be ready to make decisions on what you want on the spot or you may never find your way again to the items you loved. This is Flexi-Felt’s first time attending this show. Pierre will be at booth P1-4716 so if you’re in that area, drop by and welcome him to the show and while you’re there, look at the new and existing quality Flexi-Felt floor and furniture protectors.

At the furniture market, we’ll be presenting Flexi-Felt floor protectors as well as two series of new products that’ll be of interest to many people.

Many people have expressed a need for furniture that doesn’t move so Flexi-Felt created the gripper series. The grippers are a special rubber with adhesive that are applied to the bottom of furniture legs. I bet you’re wondering why you’d need this. If you have kids and especially teenagers who throw themselves on the sofa, loveseat or armchair and it slides into the wall you know what I mean. All it takes is one time and your wall is either scratched or dinged. The grippers stop your furniture from moving while also protecting your floors from damage.

People also expressed a need for something to stop beds from moving and damaging the floor. Some beds have frames with wheels and others have legs. Well Flexi-Felt found two solutions, the grippers for legs and the Slide-Stop Bed Frame Grippers for bed frames with wheels. The Slide-Stop Bed Frame Grippers are little cups specially made to go under the wheels of bed frames. There are grippers under the cups so that the cups don’t move. The cups are designed so that the wheels won’t roll out of them, even with vigorous movement. The added feature of these cups is that they also protect your floors from damage caused by the wheels. The cups and grippers are great for all types of wood floors as well as ceramic and some of the newer types of floors such as cork and VCT floors. It’s especially important to protect your floors if they are made of bamboo or other soft woods as they mark more easily.

With either the Slide-Stop Bed Frame Grippers or regular grippers you don’t have to worry about your bed rolling away from the wall while you’re reading in bed, watching TV, working on your lap top or tablet or doing other things in bed and end up with pillows falling between the bed and the wall or headboard. An easy, inexpensive solution to an annoying problem.

Flexi-Felt is a creation of the Innovation Engineering Group who also brought you the Silver Mop Pro, Clear Clean Pro and other products. Now they’ve come up with coasters made of 100% Virgin merino wool that measure 4″ across. These large coasters can accommodate a small juice glass, a soda, or martini glass up to and including a large beer or coffee mug. They are available in 8 vibrant colors: Mango Orange, Lemon Yellow, Palace Mauve, Sea Blue, Midnight Black, Brownie Brown, Olive Green, Apple Green. They can be purchased by color or by series called Spring, Summer, or Fall. You can even purchase the Corporate or Executive coasters. For indoor or outdoor eating in style, order the matching placemats.

While at our booth, look at our new floor protectors for ½” wide furniture legs model 6050. The 6050 is made of a clear product that you put on the floor under the chair leg and push the chair leg down into it. The felt pad under the clear piece will protect your floors like nothing else on the market today. The narrow legs are now found not only on kitchen chairs, but all types of furniture including outdoor lounge chairs. A must see if you want to protect floors from these types of legs.

I know that this is a lot to see and take in at a market where there is so much to see. I recommend that you look at the products on the web site prior to the show so that you can go there with a plan of what you want to see and buy. Did you know that we were featured on Designing Spaces on Lifetime and TLC? Check out the show at

See all these as well as our regular products and show specials at booth # P1-4716.

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