VDTA-SDTA Convention in Las Vegas February 12 – 14 Booth 236

The VDTA-SDTA Convention & Trade Show is the only trade show dedicated to independent floorcare, sewing and quilting retailers. This show is being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Hall S3, from February 12th to 14th. This is Flexi-Felt’s first time attending this show. Pierre will be at booth 236 so if you’re at this unique show, drop by and welcome him to the show. While you’re there, look at the new and existing quality Flexi-Felt floor protectors.

At this trade show, we’ll be presenting Flexi-Felt floor protectors as well as two products that’ll be of interest to many people.

The first item is the Cord Cover. You may be wondering what a Cord Cover is but it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a cover that goes over your electrical cords. Health and safety is an issue no matter where you work. The vibrant colors of the cord covers make them very visible so that people can see the cords and not trip over them. The cord cover makes a temporary tripping hazard very visible thereby reducing or eliminating possible injuries. You’ll find that the cord cover has the added benefit of protecting walls and furniture from being marked by the black of the electrical cord.

You may have seen the second item before but it’s a great product that we’re bringing to this show. It’s the Silver Mop Pro. The Silver Mop Pro has many great features like the adjustable handle that lets you put it at the height that’s best for you and can be shortened for easy storage. It’s made of strong material but is lightweight enough that you can dust walls and ceilings with it. It can take a lot of use (not like many of the others that I’ve bought and broke the handles). It has two types of pads, one for light clean and dusting and the other for really dirty floors (I tried it on dried coffee stains on our lunch room floor and it cleaned up with just water on the pad). After you’re done with the pads just throw them in the washer and let air dry. These are all great features but my very favourite one is the large head. Compared to the regular mops out there, I’m able to do my floors in half the time and when compared with using a ringer mop it takes about a quarter of the time with the Silver Mop Pro. Time is always short and I love that with the Silver Mop Pro I now spend less time cleaning floors.

See all these as well as our regular products and show specials at booth #236.

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