Shaw Canadian Winter Market in Niagara Falls Feb. 8, 9

The 2017 Niagara Falls Shaw Floors Canadian Winter Market is the only Canadian show that Flexi-Felt will be attending early in 2017. It is being held at the Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada. Pierre has attended this show a few times and always looks forward to seeing friends from the northern US and southern Canada that he doesn’t see at other shows. Many of the Shaw Canadian counterparts carry our product but we call on our American friends who currently carry other floor protection products to come and compare them to the Flexi-Felt floor protectors. I’m positive that they will be pleasantly surprised by the look and quality of these products. Once they see the superior Flexi-Felt floor protectors they too, will carry this product.

While at our booth, take a look at our new floor protectors for ½” wide furniture legs model 6050 and our cups that go under bed wheels to stop your bed from rolling away from the wall while protecting your floor from the bed’s wheels, model 6510.

The 6050 is made of a clear product that you put on the floor under the chair leg and push the chair leg down into it. The felt pad under the clear piece will protect your floors like nothing else on the market today. The narrow legs are now found not only on kitchen chairs, but all types of furniture including outdoor lounge chairs. A must see if you want to help protect floors from these types of legs.

Hate to have your bed roll away from the wall while you’re reading in bed, watching TV, working on your lap top or tablet or doing other things in bed and end up with pillows falling between the bed and the wall or headboard. Well Flexi-Felt found a solution, the Slide-Stop Bed Frame Grippers. They’re little cups specially made to go under the wheels of bed frames. There are grippers under the cups so that the cups don’t move. The cups are designed so that the wheels won’t roll out of them, even with vigorous movement. The added feature of these cups is that they also protect your floors from damage caused by the wheels. It’s great for all types of wood floors as well as ceramic and some of the newer types of floors such as cork and VCT floors. It’s especially important to protect floors if they are made of bamboo or other soft woods as they mark more easily.

Remember that the last impression a client has is critical for future business and word of mouth recommendations. If you recommend that they buy cheap floor protectors, that is what they will remember – not the beautiful Shaw floors.

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