Screws, drills and felts not a great mix

The next main category of felt floor protectors are those without adhesive, the first kind requires hardware for installation. Most stick-on felt manufacturers realized that the adhesive felts don’t do so good on porous uneven surfaces so they created plastic cups that you screw under your furniture footing to which you can now apply an adhesive felt floor protector to. Instead of improving the sticking felt they tried to work around it. The problem is that you still have the really poor quality felts. Now you also have to drill a hole in your furniture to make them last a bit longer. Be very careful when drilling and screwing into thin hardwood furniture legs you can easily crack the legs and ruin your furniture. What do you do if you have a plastic or metal chair glide already nailed into your legs?

There is another less invasive type of felt chair leg cover that has a rigid plastic sleeve that goes over the furniture leg. These would be pretty good if they didn’t have the cheap polyester felt. Nonetheless at least they stay on the chair leg longer. The issue is they only come in round and in 2 colours: white and black. So if you have a rectangular wooden chair leg it’s no good.

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