Locker Organizer or Shelves

I just took a tour of what’s available on line to help my daughter organize her locker and what I found was surprising (or rather lack of things I was hoping to find was surprising). She needs a couple of shelves so that she can properly place her books, binders, shoes and other stuff she needs without having to empty part of her locker every time she needs something.

I found single plastic shelves with metal legs. They look kind of flimsy given the load of stuff she has for school. Also, they’re only sold as one shelf.

There’s another thing that’s made of material and hangs down but I’m not sure if everything would move to the center of this thing or stuff would fall out as she’s pulling out her books or binders or whatever.

I’m pretty good with tools (well sort of, stuff never comes out quite even) but even if I wanted to build her something who has the time?

One of my friends told me that he came across some wooden shelves that are very strong and guaranteed 5 years and the kicker is that you don’t need tools, nails, screws or glue to install them. Also, unlike that famous company that sells furniture that takes an hour to assemble, these shelves take less than a minute to install. They are the Eco-Shelf. Also, because they’re made of wood, they’re biodegradable so they have minimum impact on the environment.


They’re also available in 2 or 3 shelves so she has her choice and she can place them at various heights depending on what she wants to place on the various shelves. They should make her life much easier.

Here’s how one looks installed.


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