Flexi-Felt Adhesive Felt Pads for Walls

The pads are not specifically for the walls but rather to protect them. You bought some Flexi-Felt adhesive felt pads or one of Flexi-Felts handy economical house or apartment kits and have some pads left over but aren’t sure what to do with them.


If you want to protect your walls and paint from damage, here are some places where they can be used:

Have a headboard against a wall that moves? Place adhesive felt pads on the points where the headboard touches the wall. If the felt pads are too big you can cut them to the correct shape and size.

Have heavy objects on your wall such as metal sculptors, mirrors or works of art that are beautiful but are marking the walls? Again, just place the Flexi-Felt adhesive felt pads on the contact points of the object and your walls are protected.

Have dining or kitchen chairs that are damaging your walls? Use the adhesive felt pads to protect the walls.

Have a front hall bench near a wall that the kids throw themselves on to put their shoes and boots on? Put your you know what (Flexi-Felt) on the edges of the bench and no more dings in the walls.

Hang a vacuum cleaner from the wall? Put adhesive felt pads on any parts that are near the wall so that when its placed back on the wall, just the felt touches the wall.

Take a look around your house and protect your walls from all the objects that can cause damage. If you plan on painting the walls soon, you can protect the walls now or wait until after the paint has dried properly before placing anything back on the walls. Put Flexi-Felt adhesive felt pads on everything knowing that your walls will remain in good condition for a long time.

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