From the Makers of Flexi-Felt: Rudolphe Sleds

What do Flexi-Felt and Rudolphe Sleds have in common? They glide!


IEG, the makers of Flexi-Felt, released their latest creations this winter: the Rudolphe 1000 and 3000. Both sleds look like the classic, vintage sleds of your childhood with a modern twist. The Rudolphe 3000, a sled for babies, has uniquely designed skis guarantee a smooth ride because they, unlike their wooden and metal predecessors, are flexible and shock absorbent. The sled’s suspension also makes it durable as it can handle bumps in snow, ice, and even pavement.

Likewise, the Rudolphe 1000 will make you nostalgic for the toboggans of your youth, but it’s made out of a special material that gives you a way faster and smoother ride than old wood and metal sleds.

Even pets love Rudolphe sleds! Check out Prismo the Papillon enjoying a smooth ride at Winterlude and outside Ottawa City Hall!


Want to add a personalized touch to your baby’s sled? No problem! The Rudolphe 3000 can be customized! Get your child’s name or a fun image engraved on the back of their sled.

Since their introduction in October 2018, thousands of Rudolphe sleds have been sold. So join the multitudes get one today! Let’s go sledding!

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