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Is noise preventing kids from learning?

Did you know May is national speech language month. As such I wanted to write a blog about noise reduction.
Is noise preventing kids from learning?

Many studies from the Acoustical Society of America have shown that a person’s speech comprehension or Speech Intelligibility decreases drastically when ambient noise levels increase. This is even more so the case for children with hearing difficulties or with English as a second language. Now as a parent you may be surprised to know that the noise generator in a classroom is furniture! In order to reduce the spine twisting sound of chairs scrapping on the floor, many schools have started putting tennis balls at the end of the chair legs to try and reduce the noise. It’a s great idea right? Well not so much, here is where it becomes an issue,
Many educators have told me that the brightly colored balls draw the kids’ attention. The teachers must now apply disciplinary measures to keep the students from playing with the tennis balls. Being a parent I would prefer if that time was spent educating my child instead of lecturing on not playing with tennis balls. To make things worse they tell me custodians are fetching dozens of tennis balls off the school roof tops every month. It all seems like a big waste of resources.
I’ve tried cutting a tennis ball myself and I must admit it’s a difficult and dangerous task for teachers and custodians. I can’t see this being a very cost effective and it takes hours to install.
I think everyone can agree that reducing the noise in the classroom and improving our kids’ learning is a wonderful idea. I think reducing maintenance costs thus leaving more money to the schools is also a great idea because ultimately as tax payers we are all paying for the school expenses. So there has to be some quality chair leg covers on the market that can accomplish this that isn’t just an unhealthy tennis ball.
Fortunately there is. My invention the Flexi-Felt is a floor protector that has a thick high quality wool felt that really dampens the noise.
So please leave the tennis balls where they belong on the tennis courts and get a quality solution that really works to help our children in the classrooms.