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My Pet Peeve – Small Chair Feet

I had someone who called me to get help on some beautiful chairs they had bought. The only problem with the chairs is that they were destroying their floors. Designers create very unique and beautiful chairs but never think beyond that. I have also come across that with architects that create beautiful designs but do not think of what it involves to build and maintain, the same with cars etc. Then I am asked to help protect peoples floors. When a chair has a 3/4″ diameter or less there is very little surface for an adhesive to adhere to. The smaller the surface, the less likely a pad will stay on. There is the Flexi-Felt 6815 which is a clear sleeve model that can hold onto a 5/8″ diameter round leg or a 1/2″ square leg. If you own a chair with a leg that is smaller then that or with legs with unusual shapes such as a triangle, rectangle (say 1/2″ x 1/4″) or any other shape, there is really nothing that can protect your floors from the damage that they will surely do. So please, next time you think of buying furniture, look at the chair legs and think of how they will damage your floors and what you will need to put on them to protect your floors.

Metal Glides, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I have seen some people buying metal glides wanting to get something more durable than the plastic glides. The plastic glides are softer than metal glides and as such wear down much more quickly. Before you chose to buy metal glides make sure you have considered all the variables. There is a much smaller selection of metal glide so it is more difficult to get the right size for the right furniture. You cannot use metal glides on all kinds of carpeting. On low pile commercial carpeting metal glides are great, they glide better than cheap plastic glides and they are much more durable. HOWEVER, there are a few caveats before you decide on getting metal glides. Most of them are steel glides and will rust very quickly if the carpet gets wet or if they are in a high humidity environment. That being said, metal glides should not be used in a restaurant unless the carpet is rust colored. You can get some that are made of stainless steel but they are much more expensive and typically not available at a local hardware store. NEVER ever use metal glides for any other surface even ceramic as they will mark and scratch your floors with the very first slide. The other issue with metal glides is that they are notoriously prone to rip through carpeting once they use through the thin metal base. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you inspect the glides in high traffic areas regularly and replace them if they are no longer perfectly smooth.